Myth of Chlolesterol

1.  Cholesterol is inherently bad to human health

Actually cholesterol isn’t bad to human. Human need cholesterol to survive.

2. High cholesterol can be dangerous.

High cholesterol is not good to the human health but sometimes it’s not really cause a problem. An unfavourable ratio of good and bad cholesterol ( HDL vs LDL ), along with other factor such as weight, lack of exercise and family history may cause a trouble.

3. Young people rarely has high cholesterol

Studies have shown that plaque can build up in the arteries as early as the late teens. Thus everyone from the age 20 is recomended to have their cholesterol checked.

4. Reduce taken  high cholesterol food in the daily diet

Cholesterol is produced in the liver and in fact liver produce more cholesterol than from the diet. Anyway by reducing eaten of high cholesterol food may assist in controlling the amount of cholesterol in blood significantly. But people who inherit a genetic from family history may need a medication.

5. Eggs contribute to high cholestrerol

Eggs is good food. Studies shown that eating one or two egg a day has little effect on the cholesterol level especially for the normal healthy people.

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